12 Feb


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Why is Accum Important?

Fredrick Accum is representative of a chemist who is largely forgotten these days but nevertheless contributed to important changes in society, in his case by raising awareness of food safety. In Accum’s time it was quite common to add all sorts materials to food to make it cheaper to produce and yet still pass it off as a quality product. Accum and fellow campaigners fought against this food fraud and paved the way for the 1875 Sale of Food and Drugs Act. However, this article is about more than food safety and includes his work on the production of coal gas and his role as an educationalist.

Many of Accum’s books are held by…

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  1. jonwadier February 12, 2013 at 4:43 pm #

    On y revient à propos du scandale Findus
    Les nuls et les media découvrent le problème ?

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