10 Marketing Masterworks –Ikea –Real-world product integration #4

19 Mar

Real-world product integration

Image courtesy of IkeaWith a couple of attention-grabbing guerrilla stunts, IKEA drove home the point that its products can spruce up even the tiniest of spaces. The furniture company has set up living areas on subway platforms, in narrow urban alleyways–even underneath outdoor staircases in Tokyo. Most prominently, it constructed a fully furnished 581-square-foot apartment in a Paris Metro station, where five volunteers lived for six days. The “small spaces” idea was brought to life digitally via SmallestStoreintheWorld.com, a 10.5 x 8.8 cm pixel web banner containing a fully functional catalog and shopping portal.

“Just like a picture being worth a thousand words, this is an excellent example of how to show off usefulness in a place with a high-density population,” says Matt Murphy, CEO of Fusion92, a Chicago marketing agency that has worked with Disney and Sony. “Nothing is like walking into a home and literally experiencing the product, and IKEA found a neat way for people to be able to touch and feel and see how the furniture can be used.”

Lesson: Demonstrate the value of your product by bringing it directly to where consumers happen to be. You’ll be that much closer to making a sale.

Read more: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/225462#ixzz2NyYrLmd0


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