#OurBlogs —“Some changes in 2015 –RVW and our Blogs ” …

7 Dec

End of 2014-15 : we update our List of Blogs there are a couple – if not 1/2 dozen which are active; some are … dormant; oh, well … 🙂 ==========
The Language Coop (aka “The Gleaner “) on paper li:
Le Journal du Pauvre
Le Syndrome d’Avatar
Chemin Faisant http://janwadier.wordpress.com/
( ces trois Blogs ne sont plus trop actifs … /Those Blogs are not too active lately …) et al.
and of course go to : Such a long Trip /” Un si long Voyage “ http://jonwadier.wordpress.com/ http://aboutisiomadaniel.wordpress.com/ http://johannwadier.wordpress.com/wp-admin/

Rappel/Reminder: All of Our Blogs are compilations, citations; hence, you will find very little I myself write (10% -Not. Not even 1%; we may reproduce some article, in its entirety; but, soon enough, you will find the link only …___

and more ! Stay tuned 🙂

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